Whats Next After Locked-Down in India?

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I and my batchmate of BITS Pilani two concerned parents were discussing Corona and Locked-down impact on our economy. And we both strongly feel, we must together help the government with our suggestions. 

We need to do research and find a solution to a few problems and at the same time think about making India great again and use this crisis as an opportunity to fix many long-pending thins. 

Chaitanya has identified a few points. 

1) About how to handle hunger of the unorganized class
2) How to generate employment for them
3) How to handle the mental health issues due to lockdown
4) How to establish law & order if lockdown continues for more time. 
5) How to handle the migration since everyone will be at home places
6) How to handle the services industry if the other nations closed their borders virtually also
7) Trying to grab new opportunities due to anti-China sentiment without disturbing the first 6 points.
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6000+ students of mine - I want you to work on this thread, at least start a discussion. One small step can lead to big change. 

For all the research related work if there will be any spending, I am pledging 1,00,000/- INR for this project. 

First thing first, please post in a comment, what all problem do you think will arise during and post-Locked-down. Then we will freeze a few pointers and work on them together. 

The final objective will be to send our research and finding to Mr PM.