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A Course On Statistical Arbitrage (Pair Trading) cover

A Course On Statistical Arbitrage (Pair Trading)


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Instructor: Kundan Kishore

Language: English, Trading Courses

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Validity Period: Lifetime

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  • One to one handholding for all practical assignments and backtesting.
  • Concept building by recorded lectures. (Lifetime access)
  • Live discussion on theoretical and philosophical aspects of the course. 
  • Live doubt session on all topics covered in the course.
  • Three months of live market support with paper trade alerts.
  • Lifetime access to the alumni group. (400+ active members for now)

How I Started Pair Trading -

Q:- How much is a Billion Dollar in terms of Rupee?
A:- At the current rate of conversion, it is approx 7200 Cr.

Q:- Can this be one year salary of one individual?
A:- Yes! The 25 highest-paid hedge fund managers made a record $32 billion in 2020. 

Now, let me tell you the story of one such hedge fund manager!

His name is D.E.Shaw. 

When I joined Morgan Stanley in 2009, I read about many Ex-Morgan Stanley employees who did wonders in Investment Banking. But, I got highly impressed by two of them. One was Mr Vikram Pandit, and another was Mr D.E Shaw. 

Mr Pandit joined Citi Bank at 1 rs salary and saved Citi after the 2008 financial crisis. When he became CEO of Citi, it was a proud moment for every Indian banker. 

D. E. Shaw was one firm visiting our BITS Pilani campus for hiring computer engineers for their Hyderabad IT office. So, I researched this company once in the past as well. 

But, now, I started digging deeper. And I started searching for his work during his Morgan Stanley days. This was the first time I got to know about the "Statistical Arbitrage" trading strategy, which is also commonly known as Pair Trading. 

This was one trading strategy that was very easy to backtest. Results were tremendous. And, it was way back in 2010. 

Well, the good news is results are still phenomenal. Backtested data of 20+ more pairs even show a return of anything between 30% to 100%. And with exceptions defined, even this result can be higher. And with few more exceptions, we can have up to 50+ pairs in India where we can trade profitably. 

So far, I have trained 200+ traders on these strategies. Looking forward to training more traders to join my three months course on "Statistical Arbitrage."

And yes, we can train anyone. A person with no trading/investing background, as well. 

Ask more questions in the comment section about this trading program, and I will be more than happy to answer them.



Hi. I am Kundan. A proud Indian. I was born and bought up in Bodhgaya, Bihar. I did my schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya. Later, I joined BITS Pilani in 2001 and studied computing and finance. Maths, Economics, Computing and Finance is my life. After BITS Pilani, I worked for ten years with Citi bank, RBS, Morgan Stanley and Barclay capital. In 2014, I took retirement from corporate life. Post-retirement, I am managing my own money and spreading financial awareness among fellow Indians. I want to be remembered as a good teacher and a selfless person.

You can connect to me via different socials:- QuoraLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
You can also WhatsApp me on 9599726400.

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