Pair Trading Course


  • One to one handholding for all practical assignments and backtesting.
  • Concept building by recorded lectures. (Lifetime access)
  • Live discussion on theoretical and philosophical aspects of the course.
  • Live doubt session on all topics covered in the course.
  • Three months of live market support with paper trade alerts.
  • Lifetime access to the alumni group. (400+ active members for now)

Course Syllabus:-

Day 1:- An introduction to pair trading
A) Why Pair Trading?
B) Concepts of behavioural finance.
C) History of Pair trading.
D) Concept of market neutral trading strategies.
E) What is arbitrage?
F) Types of arbitrage.
G) What is statistical arbitrage?
H) Pair trading in stocks.
I) Pair trading in other financial instruments.
J) Steps involved in statistical arbitrage.

Day 2:- F&O, Statistics, Maths, excel and software for pair trading.

A) Mean reversion principal in trading.
B) What is a correlation?
C) What is a cointegration?
D) What is the moving average?
E) What is the standard deviation?
F) What is Z-score?
G) What is the bell curve?
H) What are futures and options?
I) Important excel functions for pair trading.
J) Python installation. 

Day 3:- How to select the pair?
A) Selecting pairs fundamental way
B) Selection of pair in a mathematical way.
C) How to generate a correlation matrix in excel?
D) Generating correlation using a python code.
E) ADF testing to confirm the pair. 

Day 4:- Generating trade signals.
A) Defining the trade signal area based on the Z score.
B) Backtesting the signals for profit and loss.
C) Establishing signals with different profit targets. 

Day 5- Risk management and trade management.
A) Types of risk in pair trading.
B) Use of options in risk management.
C) Efficient margin usage in the Indian market for high-value pairs.
D) Trade execution standard practice in manual trading.
E) Pair trade portfolio and trade management.

How To Enrol:- 

In the first 3 months of launch, I have taken pair trading classes of 400 learners in 10 batches. Now I am starting the next batch from 1st May 2021.

You will be able to access classes at your convenience and will be added to your batch.

The idea behind the pair trading course to teach you from basics to advanced level so that you can get enough confidence to trade in the market.

You can book your seats here - Pair Trading 

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Kundan Kishore

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