Is investing in the stock market worth it?

A simple answer would be YES.  But You must understand that investing in the stock market is Marathon and not a Sprint race. You will always be able to get the best returns in long term investment as compared to short term investment. Buy and Hold Strategies works too well on blue-chip companies that have good earnings growth. The compounding effect is easily seen in such companies.

If you are well versed in the stock market, then you can easily find fundamentally strong and technically good companies that will give you the best return as compared to index return. Investing in the Stock Market can make your rich and pool also. There are a lot of people who have created huge wealth for themselves and there are a lot more who have lost their money in the stock market.

One needs regular investment that is done for a long period because getting rich needs patience. Impatient people cannot make money in the stock market. A secondary source of income can be created by investing in stocks. You might be working anywhere in the world but still, you can be an investor.

The stock market has performed consistently as compared to other investment options like Gold, Bonds, FD, etc. You must understand that you can easily beat inflation if you invest in the stock market.

The best part of investing in the stock market is that it is based on the power of compounding. The person who stays in the market for long creates more wealth than the person who doesn’t. The dividend stocks help you when you are going through a rough patch of your life.

The investing in stock market teaches you a lot. It teaches you about the working of the company and the reason behind its success and failure. How the budget and economy of the country impact the businesses.

It is always advised to first learn about the stock market and how it functions before making any investment decision. A wrong decision is enough to wipe your account and you will be left with nothing. An informed decision is the best decision one can take in the stock market.

We can only make money from the stock market if we are passionate about it. The market gives us a lot of opportunities to earn huge returns and explore a variety of options. One must know every aspect of investing in the stock market before making any actual investments. Work on gaining knowledge and then implement your knowledge in the stock market to make some good profits.

Stay Invested and stay invested for a long time

Kundan Kishore
Curator of A Complete Course On Indian Stock Market