Economics of Trust

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What comes first - Prosperity or Trust?

I heard, during "Ram Rajya", people never locked their house or shops.

And it was the most prosperous time in India.

In countries like Japan, it is observed that people trust each other a lot.

  • Trust their employees.
  • Trust their employers.
  • Trust their government.
  • Trust their co-workers.
  • Trust their friends and family.
  • Trust their neighbours.
  • Trust their countrymen.
  • Trust their police.

I mean, the trust factor is very high in a developed nation like Japan.

However, in developing countries or underdeveloped countries, the trust factor is very, very low.

I can certainly tell you with my research that, development of a country or society is directly proportional to trust factor on the positive side.

But, the question which I am trying to get an answer is:-

Whether first, we will start trusting each other, and then we will have prosperity in our country, or growth/development/prosperity will happen first, and then we will begin to trust each other.

Please comment with your opinion, which will come first - Trust or Prosperity.

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