Class Doubts - Module 9 - English Batch

YES! Now that you have completed the most crucial concepts the course has to offer, it is time you know about some very interesting case studies from the financial markets all over the world. Though there are lots of important and catastrophic incidents that have shaken the financial and economic stability of countries across the globe over for good or bad. 

We will not be able to bring them all to you in this course. However, we carefully selected a few handfuls of them and brought them before you as case studies. So how are case studies important to you? Case studies are basic lessons from incidents that occurred in the past. 

There is a saying about history that “History tends to repeat itself” and “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But why meet the same disturbing fate when you can actually learn from the mistakes of others? It only requires study by careful observation of the past and taking notes from the same to not relive it. 

An investor while researching the markets will have to look out for opportunities and stay away from pitfalls and traps that are abundant in the stock market. Case studies help in identifying those traits that quite surprisingly are innate or common to organizations, business models, or promoters behind organizations that could prove to be a good, bad, or ugly investment. 

Case Studies can also prove to be inspirational and something to emulate. How great organizations and economies revived themselves from very difficult and challenging circumstances. 

Module 9 of my course, “A Complete Course On Indian Stock Market” has the following world-renowned case studies- 

Class 75. Case study of Tulip Mania of 1637. 

Class 76. Understanding the Great Depression of 1929. 

Class 77. Harshad Mehta Scam. 

Class 78. Ketan Parekh Scam. 

Class 79. The Banking Crisis of 2008. 

Class 80. Case study of Kingfisher Airlines. 

Class 81. Satyam Computers Scam. 

Class 82. Fall of Enron Corporation. 

Class 83. Rise and Fall of Unitech. 

Class 84. Rise and Fall of JP Associates. 

Class 85. Ten companies that gave the best return in India. 

Class 86. Ten companies that collectively eroded the wealth of Indian investors. 

Class 87. Revival of Eicher Motors. 

Hopefully, going through these case studies generates in you an interest to identify and research many more case studies around the world and help teach you lessons without being taught the hard way. 

We will be happy and looking forward to receiving your contribution of case studies in this blog which could be interesting and educative for our community here. 

If you have enrolled in my course, “A Complete Course on Indian Stock Market”, and have any queries about any of the case studies related to module 9, then you can ask by commenting below this blog. 

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