Class Doubts - Module 8 - English Batch

It is a well-known fact that the majority of people are lured toward the stock market with greed to make quick money and eventually many end up losing money instead. So, it’s very crucial to enter the market after having proper knowledge about it. Because without proper knowledge when you trade or invest to make some money, it’s just gambling or trying out your luck. 

A stock market is a place where the theoretical knowledge gained might not work in an exactly similar manner to the practical market applications. There are many behavioral and psychological aspects that impact the market. So, in addition to theoretical knowledge, understanding the concepts of behavioral finance is also required to achieve success in the stock market. 

Being a market participant, you need to have an understanding of all corporate actions like bonus issues, stock splits, mergers, and acquisitions and you need to know how to respond on such occasions. You also need to know about the various taxes imposed by the state and central government on trading and investment activities and ways to reduce taxes imposed on your income generated from the market. 

Module 8 of my course, “A Course On Indian Stock Market”, contains a detailed study to aware my learners of all these corporate actions. The chapters in module 8 are- 

Class 69. Investing Vs Trading Vs Gambling. 

Class 70. Why does sometimes stock price goes down on good news and up on bad news? 

Class 71. What is Emotional/Behavioral Finance? 

Class 72. Understanding PO, Stock Split, Buyback, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). 

Class 73. Impact of taxes & other fees on Indian stock market investors. 

Class 74. Tax Saving/Harvesting Techniques. 

At times, it’s a question to wonder how the stocks of a particular company fall in the trading session even after posting good corporate results. So, it is essential to know how smart money works and how to decode the information properly to understand market sentiment. It will help make wise decisions instead of getting trapped in emotional finance. 

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