Class Doubts - Module 10 - English Batch

The share market in India is booming with rapid growth expected and is full of surprises that open up opportunities for people from diversified backgrounds now more than ever before. You can work as an employee at a firm as a beginner to learn everything from scratch or move through a conventional career in the investment field or could be entrepreneurial, or start your own business by investing or trading stocks on the stock market - it's up to you. 

One can either be an investor or a trader or Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) or can even set up his firm such as a sub-broker or set up a mutual fund distribution agency. Some of these jobs require you to be financially savvy and invest your capital wisely, while others rely on an understanding of finance from economics or risk management perspectives which can only come with degrees in those fields themselves. 

Though stock market investment gives better returns as compared to other investing practices, a career in the field is not streamlined due to the risk involved like the lack of knowledge and low learning which can be overcome by educating oneself about the field. The country lacks educational institutions to train skilled professionals for taking up a career in the stock market. 

It is high time that the youth of this country is well versed with all the details regarding stock market careers, consulting, and business opportunities. It is all covered in the last module of my course, “A Complete Course on Indian Stock Market”. 

The roles and job descriptions of dynamic positions are different from each other and all of them provide concrete insights into the stock market. A professional needs to have the required knowledge, tools, and technique to evaluate volatile markets. 

Module 10 contains everything related to the world of the stock market. The chapters in module 10 are- 

Class 88. Career opportunities in the Indian stock market - Available roles & skills required. 

Class 89. Introduction to potential advisory and consulting opportunities in the stock market. 

Class 90. How to start your own business in the stock market? 

The stock market is a fascinating, complex, and challenging place where there are multiple opportunities however, it is more than picking stocks and making money. It is diversified and multifaceted. All it requires is a high level of integrity. Only someone who is morally and ethically responsible for money can work here. 

People willing to enter must brace themselves for a challenging, rewarding, and gratifying career. Also having a clear idea of which field interests you the most will help you make smart career choices. 

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