Full Day Workshop on Indian Stock Market cover

Full Day Workshop on Indian Stock Market

Every Saturday, 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM. Learn to invest confidently in one day.

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Instructor: Kundan Kishore

Language: Hindi & English

Workshop will be conducted in Hindi and English language separately. 

By the end of the workshop, you will confidently make your portfolio of stocks and be ready to invest in the stock market. 

This workshop is divided into four sessions. 

Session 1:-
In the 1st session, you will identify great companies you have known for years in a group exercise. Then, you will backtest their return and performance and will understand the reasoning behind the spectacular performances. 

The idea behind this session is to expose you to enough success stories and examples to replicate the same in your investment philosophy. 

Session 2:-
In this session, I will answer the 12 most common questions, which will bust myths about the stock market and give you a real insight into stock market functioning, its players, and different methods to do safe investing. 

You will learn about IPOs, Mutual Funds, Scams, Operators, tip sellers, and other market malpractices.  

Session 3:-
The workshop's focus will be to help you identify companies to invest in from your real-life examples and experience. But, I will also make sure that you understand how to interpret financial statements like Balance sheets, P&L statement and cash flow. So, in this session, we will cover financial statements and classical portfolio management theory. 

Learn to read the Balance sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, and CASH flow quickly and simply. Then, learn the Concept of Portfolio management with one real-time portfolio creation. 

Session 4:-
In this segment, we will learn about the different risks involved in investing in the stock market. Only when you are aware of all kinds of threats you can take preventive measures. We will learn some derivative market concepts from a risk management perspective too. Finally, we will ensure that you know all risk management practices and know which types of risks are not manageable to take calculated risks with your investment.

Takeaway:- Different types of risks in the stock market, Concept of put options for risk management. Know your risk appetite and accordingly decide your investment portfolio.

The last session will be one Q&A session. 

Refund Policy:- There is a 100% fees refund policy. You can opt out of the workshop at the end of session 1 and fees will be refunded in full. 

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